LuxTag launched its Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) campaign with pitchIN

It is our association’s mandate to uplift all of our members, especially our corporate members, and provide the support they need. In thas sense, our corporate member LUXTAG (a well-known company in the Malaysian blockchain industry) shared their news for dissemination.
Due to its relevance to the blockchain as well as the crypto industry, we’re happy to share it with the community.

LuxTag launched its Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) campaign with pitchIN, the leading Malaysian equity crowdfunding platform that is licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. It aims to reach out to eager investors in seeking new investment opportunities. The big news is: LUXTAG has also expanded its payment acceptance to receive crypto-tokens XEM and BITCOIN for their ECF.

We are here to show our full support for Luxtag and call on our enthusiastic members to look into this exciting news. The association wishes LUXTAG all the best in their ECF campaign.
Feel free to contact the person-in-charge, Mr. Keith Liew (Telegram @keithliew) to answer all your questions. They will be more than happy to provide the answer about ECF matters and their business.

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